Rescuing a Red-Tailed Hawk

It's not every day that a hawk comes to you for help... 


but one early morning at the main trail leading up to the treehouses, we were met by a magnificent red-tailed hawk, flapping its wings, hurt and helpless, pitifully hobbling on one foot. It was clear that the hawk was weak and tired, and after calling the local Raptor Rescue Hotline (Yes, that actually exists! In case you ever need to call, it's 423-847-5757) we were able to throw a blanket over it to safely capture it, bringing it to the team of local animal rescue volunteers at Happinest who nursed the hawk back to health. A few months later we had an event at the treehouses where we were able to do a release with the Happinest team, where a now healthy hawk has returned to the forest.